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  • Adelaide SA, Australia ● Brisbane QLD, Australia ● Melbourne VIC, Australia ● Perth WA, Australia ● Singapore ● Sydney NSW, Australia ● आभासी
    अनुरोध #9841
    22 अक्तूबर 2021
    Location: For this role, we are open to remote work located anywhere in Australia or Singapore, including virtual.  About the opportunity   Reporting to the VP: Global PMO and Methodology the Regional PMO Leader is responsible for contributing to the transition of the client project management community ‘from tactical task masters to deliverers of vision’ and to providing delivery excellence project services. This will be a new capability for Ceridian, contributing to the creation of an independ ... अधिक
  • Singapore
    अनुरोध #9743
    04 अक्तूबर 2021
    Location: For this role, we are open to remote work and can hire anywhere in Singapore.  About the Position The Services Group provides dedicated and continuous remote yet hands-on, solution oversight to guide clients through the technical aspects of Dayforce implementation. Our team helps clients achieve a positive go-live experience by monitoring the project and aligning it with everyone's primary goal – using Dayforce effectively and near-effortlessly from day one. Comprised of consultants wo ... अधिक